Stake ZAX and earn 0.5% staking rewards everyday until you get back 200%. Staking will be disabled when the total supply reaches 50,000,000 ZAX. Utilize the opportunity before the staking gets disabled.

Minimum: 0.01 ZAX
Daily Rewards: 0.50%
Maximum Rewards: 200%

Referral Commission: 7 Levels
Earning Bonus: 10 Levels


ZAX is a TRC20 token on the TRON Blockchain, developed exclusively for the Network Marketing Business. This token has a decentralized staking option for the users to stake and earn staking rewards around 100% APY. Unlike most of the other tokens, this token has a first of its kind fluctuating supply instead of a fixed supply. The token gets burned automatically as and when the tokens are staked, and the rewards are minted from the token smart contract, which makes the token supply decrease and increase, balancing the supply and demand and ensuring a fair price fluctuation.

ZAX Features

  • 1) Minimum Staking value is 0.01 ZAX.
  • 2) You will get 0.50% daily rewards until you get 200 percent of your staked amount. Each stake is considered as new stake and you will earn rewards for every stake.
  • 3) Referral Commission up to 7 levels (10%, 3%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 1%, 3%).
  • 4) To earn referral commission up to 7 levels, you should have 7 direct referrals.
  • 5) Earning Bonus from your referral's earnings up to 2 Levels (10%,10%).
  • 6) To get the Earning Bonus, you should have 2 direct referrals.
  • 7) You are allowed to withdraw only once in every 24 hours.
  • 8) If you withdraw, when your available earnings are more than your total staked value, only 1x of your total staked value will be withdrawn. (Example: If your total staked value is 1000 BLI and if your available earnings are 3000 BLI, only 1000 BLI will be withdrawn).
  • 9) The total withdrawal limit is 5x of your total staked value. If your total withdrawn amount is already 5x of your total staked value, your withdrawal will be declined. In such case, you need to top-up your stake.
    Note: You will not get daily rewards for the amount you top-up to your staked value. The top-up is used only to increase your withdrawal limit.
  • 10) You can top-up 20% of your available earnings to increase your withdrawal limit any number of times.
  • ZAX Chart

    Disclaimer: Crypto is highly rewarding as well as risky. Please do not invest or stake anything that you cannot afford to lose. This staking program is completely decentralized.

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